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2016, October

The Associação Angolana de Manutenção e Gestão de Activos organized the 2nd National Congress of Maintenance and Management of Assets simultaneously with the 4th Meeting of Maintenance of the Countries that integrate the CPLP, under the theme “O papel da Manutenção e Gestão de Activos na Diversificação da Economia”.

The congress took place on the 27th and 28 th of October at the CINFOTEC – Centro Integrado de Formação Tecnológica, in Luanda. AFM highlights the presentation “A normalização em Manutenção e Gestão de Activos” made by Eng.º Joaquim Vieira, AFM´s Operations Manager and AAMGA´s founding member.

2016, May

The operations and management services of BAI´s (Banco Angolano de Investimentos) new headquarters started in May 2016.

2016, April

It is with great pleasure that AFM celebrates 10 YEARS of activity as leading provider of Integrated Facilities Management services in Angola.
AFM thanks You all for the valuable contributions over the last 10 YEARS.
AFM will continue to work in accordance with the highest standards applicable to the industry and will count on your support for the development of further projects and for the continuous improvement of services provided.

2016, February

On February 18th, 2016, AFM added a new service line to its portfolio: SL. 48 Aparthotel Services rendered in Torres Atlântico residential building owned by ExxonMobil, BP Angola and Sonangol. The Aparthotel services include concierge, catering, cleaning, laundry, internet and cable TV.

2016, January

In January 27th, 2016 AFM started the provision of operation and maintenance services at BAI´s (Banco Angolano de Investimentos) new headquarters.

2015, December

In December 2015 AFM was awarded by ExxonMobil with the “Prémio Excelência” regarding the delivery of integrated facilities management services in Torres Atlântico for the last five years, from 2009 to 2014.

Also in December 2015 a contract for facilities management services was signed between Genius-AFM and BP Angola covering a range of infrastructures, residential and office buildings, namely the Torres do Carmo complex.

2015, November

In November 2015 AFM highlights the development of several proposals for the provision of integrated facilities management services for infrastructures regarding the tenders that were launched by public and private companies operating in Angola, such us CIE Angola and Statoil.

2015, July

In July 2015 AFM signed a partnership agreement with “Cinfotec – Centro Integrado de Formação Tecnológica” to promote technical-scientific and professional cooperation for future Angolan professionals. This agreement is based on a culture of cooperation and knowledge sharing and aims to potentiate job opportunities to graduates as well as to recent-graduate students.

2015, April

AFM welcomes the fact that it was once again presented with Safety´s awards. The last one was delivered in April 2015 and was referent to the record of 3.000.000 worked man hours without any Lost Time Incident (LTI).

2015, January

In the begging of 2015 AFM and the owners of the Torres Atlântico signed a new contract for the provision of integrated facilities management services.

2014, October

In October 2014 it was held in Luanda the “1. º Congresso Nacional de Manutenção e Gestão de Activos” simultaneously with the “2.º Encontro de Manutenção dos Países Integrantes da CPLP” and AFM was one the sponsors of the events.

2014, April

AFM’s performance in the area of HSSE has been recognised by Esso with three consecutive yearly awards, with the most recent “Award of Excellence” being presented for having surpassed the outstanding goal of 2 million worked man hours without any Lost Time Incident (LTI) in the Torres Atlântico.

2014, February

AFM is registered in Centro de Apoio Empresarial of Camâra de Comércio e Indústria de Angola since February 2014 as a certified provider of services to oil companies operating the Angola.

2013, November

Since November 2013 AFM is registered in the Angolan Ministério dos Petróleos as a certified supplier of services to the oil industry operating in Angola.

2013, January

Since January 2013, date it was signed the contract with the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Angola, AFM is responsible for the provision of integrated facilities management services provided in Palácio da Justiça.

The star-up of integrated facilities services delivery in Tower 1 (residential and common areas) of Torres do Carmo complex occurred in January 2013. GAFM has been the company responsible for delivering facilities management services to the owners of the apartment.

2012, November

In November 2012 AFM becomes a founding member of AAMGA – Associação Angolana de Manutenção e Gestão de Activos and its Operations Manager an individually founding member. Since its foundation AAMGA participates in several events related to the Maintenance Services.

2012, April

In April 2012 AFM received an “Award of Excellence” for having surpassed the outstanding goal of 1 million worked man hours without any Lost Time Incident (LTI). This achievement is due to AFM´s commitment regarding HSSE standards and the direct involvement of all its employees.

2011, December

The provision of integrated facilities management services in the Platinium building started in the beginning of December 2011 with approximately 10 service lines. AFM signed contracts for the provision of services with all the subcontractors.

2011, November

In November 2011 AFM started the delivery of operation and maintenance services with a special focus on the transition services (construction hand-over) in the new Campus Universitário Agostinho Neto.

2011, March

In March 29th, 2011, AFM received from its major client the “Certificate of Appreciation” due to its performance and Safety records.

2010, April

Since April 2010 AFM provides in a Self-Performed approach the following services: Electrical and mechanical, Door maintenance, FLIT – First Level Intervention Team, Soft-Services Inspectors and Mailroom services.

2009, September

AFM started its activity with the integrated facilities management of Torres Atlântico, upon the starting of its occupation by Esso, BP and Sonangol in September 2009. The Agreement for the rendering of integrated facilities management services in Torres Atlântico was signed in September 1st, 2009.

2006, May

AFM is a commercial company under Angolan law, formed in 2006 to explore an emerging business opportunity in the rapid economic expansion of Angola environment: operation, maintenance and management of integrated A-Class infrastructures.


Safety, Health and Hygiene

Commitment applying the highest standards in our area of ​​activity.


Clear commitment to excellence and leadership in Quality.



To provide Facilities Management and Project Management services at the highest levels of quality, safety and efficiency setting AFM as an industry reference.

To develop an offering of services around each client, adapted to specific needs and in harmony with their unique strategy and operational standards.

To continually improve our services in terms of quality, safety and efficiency.


To turn new business opportunities into concrete projects with a guaranteed level of success and efficiency.

Continually improve AFM’s operational areas with the aim ofdelivering optimal solutions that adapt to each client.

To enhance our collaborators’ skills and productivity, increasing the value and quality of each service provided.