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From setting the first stone to the launch of a facility, AFM has the skills and knowledge to assure a smooth execution and transition of construction projects allowing your organisation to focus on getting its hands on the job it set out to do.
In order to certify AFM’s strict quality and safety standards are met at all times throughout the process, our team of experts closely oversees and manages construction projects guaranteeing that all needs are met when your organisation settles in.



Project services planning and management

  • Initiation, planning and design
  • Execution, construction and monitoring
  • Controlling and closing

Design and development of new services

  • Alignment with Client needs
  • Dedicated teams
  • Full awarness of service specifications

Construction procurement and management

  • All activities of the project
  • Commissioning services
  • Handover

Space management

  • Management of physical space inventory
  • Space and occupancy information
  • Identification of needs

Internal moving services

  • All types of internal moves with no disruption
  • Packing and loading
  • Moving staff or create new office environment