AFM provides integrated operation & maintenance services in Angola by offering a wide range of quality services internationally recognized, in accordance with the industry’s international best practices, thereby making a difference in the Angolan facilities management market.













Who We Are

The early years

Atlantic Facilities Management – Prestação de Serviços em Edifícios Urbanos, S.A. (“AFM”), was established in 2006 to explore an emerging business opportunity in a fast-growing economic environment in Angola. AFM was created with the idea to offer customers with first-class international facility services in the operation, maintenance and integrated management of Class A infrastructure.

Since the inception, AFM’s motto has been buildings that work. Everyone at AFM works around this philosophy. Each service offered is designed, structured and implemented in accordance with the specific needs of each Client. AFM ensures that there is a fully customized solution that can be adapted to meet emerging needs at any time.

Growing the business

During the last decade, AFM has acquired an extensive experience in the provision of integrated facilities management services, especially to oil & gas companies, regarding office, residential and retail environments.

In 2009, AFM was awarded the contract for the integrated operations for Torres Atlântico development, a Class A high-rise building in Luanda seafront boulevard (“marginal”), Angola, having Sonangol, ExxonMobil and British Petroleum as the exclusive users.

More than 50% of AFM business is in the oil & gas sector. Banking & finance Clients, governmental and institutional Clients, retail and residential condominiums complete AFM’s Client portfolio.

AFM has been particularly effective covering leading international companies’ International Facilities Management (IFM) needs through the delivery of comprehensive and flexible services under a comfortable and efficient single point of contact approach, guaranteeing Clients the adequate built environment for businesses and residences.


Currently, AFM is the leader in the market and provides integrated services for operations and maintenance in Angola through the provision of a range of services that are recognized for its international quality. AFM applies the best practices presently available in the market, thus making a difference in the integrated facilities management market in Angola.

At AFM, staff is the most valuable asset. Continuous investment in workforce, in line with the sustainable development objectives, resulted in a growth of 290% in the number of direct employees in the past years.

AFM is a member of several professional trade associations, namely the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA). As the leading provider of integrated facilities management services in Angola, AFM is a founding member of Associação Angolana de Manutenção e Gestão de Activos (AAMGA).

AFM has been successively distinguished by Esso Angola by receiving the “Award of Excellence” for safety. These awards demonstrate AFM’s hard, professional and disciplined work, but also the commitment to Clients.

What is still to come

AFM is set to grow fast in the coming years as it has developed a sound efficient structure with operational strength and extensive experience in the Angolan market. At the end of last year, more than 500 third-parties preferred subcontractors and business partners were involved in AFM’s business among its preferential stakeholders.

AFM will continue focusing on consistency high work quality (and low rework rates) and remain to be involved in research and development of valuable innovations through process reengineering and incorporation of ground-breaking technological solutions.

Our Group

The group was incorporated in Portugal in 1998 as a financial consulting investment management company, that soon expanded to international markets and included in their business portfolio real-estate, project management and wealth management.

Our Team

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategic direction, supervision and control of AFM, this is comprised by the following members.

Founder & President: Carlos de Menezes Falcão

Founder & Director:  José Francisco Figueira Verdelho

Director: Jorge Manuel Sedeval Lavrador Martins

Director: Henrique Bruno Verdelho Borges Cordeiro Parreira

Director: Sergio Manuel Ferrão


Our vision is to distinguish ourselves in the market, presenting each client with customized and optimized solutions.


At AFM our mission is to deliver to our Clients the best services possible in the market, in an engaging, secure and healthy environment. This is fundamental. No business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety.

AFM has more than 6 million hours of work without lost-time-injuries (LTI).


Optimization: commitment to provide medium and long-term cost optimization and savings sharing with the Client.

Customization: design services to assure alignment with the Client needs.

Sustainability: focus on achieving sustainable long-term relationships and sustainable growth.

Quality: AFM is committed to service excellence and leadership in quality, towards continued and sustained performance.

HSE: aligned with the industry’s best practices applicable to its operations.

Procurement procedures: particular relevance in the business practice. Criteria of competitive pricing and comparative services schemes.

Angolanization: embracement of an ambitious Angolan Content Policy running on three tracks: people, goods and infra-structure.

Transparency: well-established practice of working on the basis of transparency of the services of subcontractors and third-parties.