AFM provides integrated facilities management services, offering a wide range of quality services to offices, residential and retail buildings in accordance with the industry international best practices.

AFM services are provided in a combined manner, with a broad scope including an extensive diversity of service lines, under a “One Stop Shop” approach.

This “One Stop Shop” approach links AFM to Clients, enabling to encompass a virtually unlimited number of standard works organized under a predefined structure of more than 50 service lines and to integrate occupants’ emerging needs, incorporating works under the form of new service lines or one-off services.

The delivery of comprehensive and flexible services covering standard service lines, new service lines and “one-off” services, is performed under a Single Point of Contact approach.

AFM will have the maximum openness to jointly discuss and review communication protocols and decision-making processes, fully assisting Clients with emerging needs. Decision-making processes between the parties include designed and agreed approval workflows and escalation routines, when needed, customized with Client requirements.

Management & advisory

Our management & advisory portfolio of offerings covers the construction phase and buildings operation as well as the facilities management phase.

The standard list of service lines for the management & advisory includes:

Management and supervision
Regulatory compliance
Condition control
First level intervention team (FLIT)
Expert quick response team (EQRT)
Information technology
Management of archives and library
Transport and removals
Management of venues for exploration

Energised facilities

AFM´s provides energy conservation and management services aligned with ISO 50.001 standard, making real and lasting improvements in facilities and operations, that contribute to optimize energy usage and reduce power consumption.
Systems that mostly impact energy conservation and management, include:

Electrical (earthing, grounding and power)
Generators and diesel
Water supply, sewer and solid waste
Gas fuel and others special
Gardening and plant treatment
Our energy efficiency traceability approach
covers design and implementation of actions,
definition and budgeting of measures, and
incorporates a feedback (loop) striving for
continuous improvement

Manufacturer guidelines

The subjacent rules for the facilities services work breakdown include adherence to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations and guidelines.

OEM recommendations and guidelines, along with the involvement of expert consultants and key specialized subcontractors, are the critical drives to design and implement consistent operations and maintenance routines.

These OEM recommendations shall be subject to customization, regarding relevant stakeholders interests, building occupation patterns and systems and equipment status.

This mixed approach of standard and customized inputs will contribute to increase the availability of equipment and reduce overall costs.

Hard services

A hard-services portfolio of technical-related services covers the operation and maintenance of building systems and equipment.

Major service lines qualified as hard services:

Mechanical and plumbing
Electrical general
Earthing, grounding and power networking
Fire detection and alarm
Fire extinguishing
Intrusion and access control
Civil construction

Soft services

A soft-services portfolio covers the delivery of a wide-range of services responding to owners, occupants and building visitor’s needs.

Major service lines qualified as soft services:

Cleaning and pest control
Gardening, landscaping and plants
Reception (and porterage)
Secretarial and clerking
Gymnasium management
Events management
Courier management and mail room
Printing and copying
Stationary services
Parking management
Health club and swimming pool

Help-desk & utilities

Help-desk delivers direct (online and via telephone) support to stakeholders, providing feedback on tickets requests status and promoting follow-up initiatives on open tickets.

AFM provides utility management services, responding to current needs and to emergent challenges, that include energy efficiency, social responsibility rising costs, and increasingly stringent regulations.

What makes us unique

The dedication to the project, the know-how and the high level of competence, are some of the facts that distinguish AFM in the market.

The concern in selecting qualified and experienced employees as well as the focus on their continuous training, contributes to the success of the services provided by AFM.

At the moment, AFM has over 200 employees distributed across its operations and back office services.

Within the scope of the Safety, Health and Environment management system and the respective commitments and objectives assumed by AFM. AFM provides a key set of Safety activities and tools for training employees and conducting tests for screening and controlling prohibited substances were carried out.

Throughout the years AFM continued committed to held specific internal training sessions on safety at work. AFM also carried out daily training sessions with an average of 150 sessions per month, recoding a significant number of over 30,000 attendance at these training sessions.

One of the main concerns is to pass on the message to all employee that join AFM. Using the key instrument of Safety Induction Plan, AFM diffuses the Safety Culture which is one of the most important element of the services provided in each workplace.

Thanks to AFM’s qualified and strong workforce, a close relationship with the Clients can be offered and an excellent coordination and supervision of all management, operation and maintenance service is guaranteed.



AFM has more than 7 Million hours of work without lost time injuries (LTI).

As a result of the continuous effort in the development and implementation of its HSE policy, AFM is proud to achieve outstanding safety records and so far never has recorded any LTI’s in an activity.

Safety at work is a fundamental value for AFM. AFM is committed to the industry best HSE practices applicable to all its operations and resources, employed either directly by AFM or by our subcontractors.

Along with all Safety programs AFM aims to stand beside the best industry practices, regarding updated information and training methods.

AFM implemented a Safety Incentive Awards Program that encourages workers to meet and exceed Safety standards in the workplace.

Also, AFM fully embraced and integrated its activity with Client’s Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS), with a special focus on the Safety and quality management in conformity with best international standards, such as ISO 9000 (Quality), ISO 14000 (Environment) and OSHAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety).

AFM currently amasses decades of professional expertise within its ranks, hiring highly experienced personnel. Special attention is given to the training of AFM personnel and the environment of subcontractor’s human resources. Class and onthe-job training initiatives consume around 20% of the available time.

Regarding the screening and control of prohibited substances, all AFM employees are under an obligation to strictly and fully comply with AFM’s policies on the consumption of alcohol and drugs, as well as the legislation in force regarding this matter in the fulfillment of the functions that are attached to it.

In compliance with the Alcohol and Drug Policy, AFM ensured, in a programmed and random manner, that all of its employees carried out about 2,100 tests for those substances, with a monthly average of 175 tests each year.

The expertise acquired via AFM´s operations and through our highly experienced personnel, coupled with a knowledge sharing culture and, enhanced by the appropriate management tools, guarantee the continuous development of our capabilities in a safe environment.


AFM changed its internal organization and Mr. Sérgio Ferrão is now part of the board of directors, developing an important role due to his experience on the field as Operations Manager of Torres Atlântico Building Complex.

His point of view and many years of well succeed hands on experience will certainly contribute to AFM´s management activities.

AFM remains duly capitalized and does not have any exposure to any suppliers or other third parties, including any financing entities. AFM has always prudently managed its activity in accordance with a mandatory zero exposure to financing or leverage to third parties.

Other projects

Torres do Carmo Office Tower (Sonangol – Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola, E.P.)
In July 2017 AFM was awarded by Sonangol IFM services in Torres do Carmo Office Tower.

Luanda Real Estate (Total Angola) Total Angola recently awarded to AFM the provision of maintenance services for HVAC South Luanda and Industrial Base and Safety & Security Systems and Data Network, Communication Systems of several infra-structures in Luanda.

Ministry of Transportation Building (Ministério dos Transportes)
AFM was recently awarded the provision of HVAC maintenance services.

British Embassy Angola (Embaixada Britânica)
In October 2021 the British Embassy in Angola awarded to AFM the provision of Air Conditioning Units Maintenance Service.

SONANGOL E.P. In December 2021 AFM started developing integrated facilities management services in several locations owned by Sonangol throughout Angola, such us in Luanda, Huambo, Cabinda, Namibe, Malangue and others.

TotalEnergies Angola In February 2022 AFM started to provide security maintenance and data system services to TotalEnergies Angola in nine different site in Luanda: Centro de Formação Pazflor, CMS Acácia, Vila 77, Edifícios Impala, Edifício TTA1, Guest House Chicala, Edifício TTA2, Base Industrial (Sonils e Metro-Europa) and Edifício Vista Club.